The future
of sales training

Pitchboy is the first virtual reality sales training tool on the market that offers intelligent conversation simulation. Pitchboy gives sales professionals the opportunity to practice their public speaking and the art of persuasion in real-life situations.

Students retain only about 20% of audio learning, 30% of visual learning and 90% of practical learning. With Pitchboy, even the least experienced associates can acquire concrete skills. The tool marks a revolution for corporate training. Previously, the best way to gain job-related skills was working in the role itself. Now, immersive learning and development can occur within the safe and low-stakes context of a virtual environment.

What is the PitchBoy experience like?

The virtual reality application places users in real-life situations in which they are in conversation with a customer or client.

The simulation starts as soon as the user puts on the VR headset and enters the virtual meeting room. The user has 10 to 20 minutes to pitch the benefits of their product or service and persuade the customer to make a purchase. Thanks to auditory sensors and immersive visuals, Pitchboy gives the impression that the user is truly facing a client, prospect or potential buyer. The virtual client keeps the conversation going with frequent questions which could either be spontaneous or a reaction to the argument put forward. Each session is also adapted to the learning needs of the user; more emphasis is placed on areas the user needs to improve.

A tailored solution

Pitchboy simulations are 100% tailored. The virtual customer could be a business owner, key account buyer, patient, healthcare provider, or retail client. The competencies and knowledge tested can be adjusted and adapted to meet your training needs.

A Pitchboy simulation typically starts with the user presenting the product offering, cost, benefits, client case studies and ROI.

Pitchboy analyzes:

  • The sales arguments presented by the user, based on the sequence of key phrases
  • The tone of voice and pitch
  • The body language
And at the end of each session, Pitchboy provides an assessment grade, along with details on how the user can improve their skills to close more sales.
Who benefits from PitchBoy?
  • Sales associates
  • Customer service teams
  • Medical device and pharmaceutical sales representatives
  • Training centers
  • Retail and hospitality staff
  • Recruitment professionals